The Vision: SEED Missions Inc. will become the premier apostolic training institution for Christian believers globally.
(II Timothy 2:2, Zechariah 4: 6,).

The Mission: The mission of SEED Missions Inc. is to provide spiritual impartation; empower, train and develop Christian believers in the Body of Christ to go forth to the uttermost parts of the world and win the lost souls for the Kingdom of God. (Matthew 28: 18-20, Acts 10: 36-38, I Thessalonians 5:1-11).

SEED Missions Inc. is a subsidiary of ENDTIME MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. It was conceived with the vision to established synergy with its sister company Global Intercessors Network Alliance. SEED MISSIONS has as its mission: spiritual impartation, leadership training and micro enterprise development in preparation for the global mission field. Hence, it complements the intercessory, teaching and preaching services offered by its affiliate ministry entities. It services the needs of the urban communities across the length and breadth of North America as well as the International community. This is the premium outreach vehicle for our ministry; with its primary emphasis on empowerment training and development. Some of our creative and innovative empowerment initiatives include spiritual leadership coaching; interactive on-line leadership; bible, linguistic and urban and economic training and education. There will soon be a “bridge line” established to better facilitate the needs of the homeless, the elderly, orphans, the incarcerated and substance abusers in transition. Our ministry has established partnerships with ministry to more effective facilitate our outreach efforts.



ENDTIME MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. is please to announce our ministry partnership with INDIA MISSIONS FOR CHRIST; a Non-Profit, Voluntary Service Organization. IMFC is a humanitarian, philanthropic Organization, spreading the gospel to all castes, creeds and slum areas. Registered under Registration of Societies, Act XXI of 1880 Government of Andhra Pradesh; Society no: 561of 1986. Registered under F.C.R.A. Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India with the number 010170061 of 1987.
We are happy to introduce our partner ministry organization formed under Andhra Pradesh Registration Act and F.C.R.A. Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India, rendering service for the upliftment of economically poorer sections irrespective of Caste and Creed; mainly concentrating on depressed classes.

EMAIL: rajkumar_dow1@sify.com

Support Orphanage Project in India:
A donation per child per month cost US$ 30. Is it possible for you to support this Orphanage project in our Village Ministries? We trust that you will be the partakers of this ministry, by sharing your love, not only by meeting the needs materially, monetarily but also spiritually. Anyway we humbly request you to uphold this children’s ministry and sympathize to provide all their needs. Hope you would be kind enough to stretch forth your helping hands to grow our children’s ministry day by day like light shineth forth towards the dark little hearts. “He is faithful that is promised”.
(Heb 10:23)

Please click this link to view INDIA MISSIONS FOR CHRIST WEBSITE!

The Homeless

ENDTIME MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. is please to announce our ministry partnership with H.O.P.E. MINISTRIES OF GEORGIA, a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. It was founded in February 2005 by Mr. Dabouze Antoine as a Christian Non-Profit Corporation. Brother Dabouze was born in Haiti and raised in New York. The initial objective of H.O.P.E. Ministries was to house the homeless and low income individuals and families in Georgia. In August 2005, following God's specific guidance, Mr. Antoine began searching for an effective way to minister to the unreached and desperately poor residents of Georgia.

Please click this link to view H.O.P.E. MINISTRIES OF GEORGIA WEBSITE!

Elderly Care

ENDTIME MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL, INC. is please to announce our ministry partnership with THE GOOD SHEPHERD HOME. Here in a brief testimony from Allan Besterwitch; the Managing Trustee. “Since then we have prayed about this and in February 2002 the Lord permitted me to start an Old Age Home called The Good Shepherd Home. This is registered with the government as a Trust. We have so far cared for nine persons, two of whom also committed their lives to the Lord! All honour and glory to Him and to Him alone! As we now enter into our fifth year we continue in the service of The Elderly, to love, serve and motivate them and as a corrective measure we go to schools with our challenge program "Old Age --Your Concern." These programs have been welcomed by the school authorities and we have several invitations from other institutions. The plight of The Elderly is getting worse day by day. We had made a commitment to ourselves-for the first four years we don't go to anyone for help, we were actually checking ourselves out, we did not want to go others with castles in the air, but praise God we are over with that commitment, and we’ve experienced God's faithfulness through every moment of these four years! We have, in pray started our website and are prayerfully looking out with whom we can join hands as we plan to have programs at a higher/larger level and it was with this we were contacting Christian persons/ organizations, when we came in touch with your site, praise God ! We now commit ourselves to the Lord and wait as He leads our association. We are in fellowship with The Brethren Assembly at Indore, in Madhya Pradesh, in India.”

Please click this link to view INDIA MISSIONS FOR CHRIST WEBSITE!

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Coming Soon!


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