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Apostle John Daniel is a leader, visionary, entrepreneur, evangelist, teacher, preacher, healing and deliverance minister and end-time prophet. He has a very unusual intercessory prayer and spiritual warfare anointing; that has often taken him in deep trenches of John Daniel| Endtime Ministrieswarfare with the devil himself. He is a strong proponent in the effective use of the blood of Jesus to attain victory over the forces of darkness and prophetic voice to the nations.. His God-given anointing and power has the ability to subject demons under the very sound of his voice. His teaching is based on his personal testimonies. Theses experiences have prepared him for this call on his life. He has battled with witches, warlocks, witch doctors sorcerers in the spirit realm. He is the founder of ENDTIME MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL INC; a ministry sent forth to be end time prophetic voice for the nations. He is also the founder of Global Intercessors Network Alliance (GINA); a rapidly growing intercessory global alliance group. Apostle John is available for speaking and ministry; contingent on requests demand. He ministers to various types and size public settings; as led by the Holy Spirit. If you would like to have Apostle John speak or minister, please submit the following speaking request information:

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