March 20, 2006

“The time has come for me to speak concerning many things. I the Lord God have given unto you much. I have seen much of the labour and the pain that you have suffered concerning this ministry. People who continue to seek things that are not of God. I have placed you; I have guided you; I have protected you. You are my children and you are following the path that I have put you on. The enemy continues to try to deceive. They have their plans. They have their plans! But, I the Lord God declare this day that you, you continue to walk the path of righteousness. Stay on this path! (x3) I am with you! (x7) The journey, I said the journey. (x3) The journey I said, I said the journey shall be long! (x2) Walk where I tell you to walk. Go where I tell you to go. See who I tell you to see. I am leading you! (x3) I am guiding you! (x3) I have seen it (x5) I have seen it children. I have seen it! I have seen it all. (x3) Hold on! (x2) I have seen it all. There is much trouble. (x3) I am preparing a path. (x2) Those who follow it, they will see. I am preparing a path for the righteous. The path is for the righteous. Those who follow this path, I the Lord God (will) x4 take. Those who decide that they will continue to live the life of the harlot; I will not take. Those who continue to live the life of the harlot, I cannot take. I cannot take with me! Live for God! (x7) Children live for God! Live for God! (x4) My time (x7) draweth nigh!”